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Have your wedding or event decorated for less hassle & cost than doing it yourself!

            -- Decor packages start at $19-$99 per table, including candles & runners! --


**We are now taking reservations for "SHOWROOM SESSIONS" for Fall 2011 & Spring 2012!**


With all of the many things involved with a wedding & preparing yourselves for it, the last thing you need to worry about for your

wedding are the decorations! That's where we come in... your Tiki Events & Decor decorating specialists plan & prepare your

wedding reception decorations so you don't have to! We have dozens of themes, color schemes, & extras available to choose from,

or we can customize your wedding decor if necessary to your ideas & tastes. We will make it the way you want it to be!


But why do you need to worry about decorations for your wedding or event? Doesn't the place where you're having your wedding

reception/event take care of all of this? The answer: NO! Most places do nothing for the reception/dinner tables-- not even candles!--

so you end up with a plain dinner table with nothing but plates, glasses & napkins/utensils. Boring! That's not what anyone wants

at their wedding reception. So, after having planned & decorated many wedding receptions over the years, we at Tiki Events know

what looks good, what is memorable & what works best!


# 1 WEDDING RECEPTION MISCONCEPTION: Wedding reception locations (hotels, country clubs, reception halls,

etc.) do NOT include ANY decorations! (Most folks mistakenly assume they do!). Most reception places only

arrange for the space & food/drinks… they don’t even offer anything for decorating! (Or if they do, it costs three

times as much as it should!). It’s then up to you to figure it all out on your own. Yikes. Wouldn’t it be nice to have

someone to help you through the process & do all of that for you? We do at Tiki Events & Decor!




 1— Easier & less expensive than doing it yourself


 2— Your wedding/event is decorated professionally


 3— Dozens of choices of colors, styles, themes, extras (see below)


 4— Complete customization to your wedding/event


 5— Delivery/set up taken care of—worry free for you


 6— Pack up/take away post-event—no hassles after it’s over


 7— BONUS: EXTRA CREDIT! Book your honeymoon with our sister company

        TikiTrips.com ( http://www.tikitrips.com ) & get FREE decorating credit towards your wedding/event!

        (Ensuring that you have a gorgeous wedding AND honeymoon… who can beat that?!)





1— Who is going to plan your wedding/event decor? (Yes, it’s important to PLAN this!)

Planning is the # 1 most important thing to ensure your wedding/reception decor comes off without a hitch. Failure to do so can end up in a

stressful, thrown-together effort at the last minute that leaves your wedding/event without the elements/look you really wanted... on the MOST

IMPORTANT DAY OF YOUR LIFE! So it is of the utmost importance to make sure it's done right... there are no "do overs", after all!


2—How (in what style) are you going to decorate your wedding?

Colors? Themes? Styles? Extras? Thousands of choices, a million things to consider! How do you begin? Where do you begin?

Tiki Events & Decor can help you wade through the millions of choices & considerations & get this figured out what is best for you!


3—How do you decide what to actually DO for the decorations?

This is a tough one... again, there are a million things to choose from! Your Tiki Events decorator can help you narrow down what will work best

with your budget, wedding colors, time of year, wedding/reception location (indoors or outside), logistical & physical considerations, budget, etc.

to then narrow down & target what will look & work best.  


4—Where should you go for decorating materials?

Why would you even want to worry about making dozens of trips to different places & buying tons of stuff you don't need nor want to keep or

store after your wedding/event. Why not let a professional do the planning, gathering, delivering, designing, decorating & retrieving of everything

needed for your wedding/event decor? That takes the burden off your mind as to what to do... let Tiki Events & Decor take care of doing all the

"legwork" for you so you don't have to!


5— Who is going to actually DO the wedding decorating?

You & your family & friends will be slightly busy getting ready for the wedding, so you need someone outside your "inner circle" to be able to

do this for you. We at Tiki Events-- our staff decorators-- do the decorating & make it look amazing... & worry free for you!


6-- What is the cost to decorate for a wedding? What should you budget? Do you need "celebrity money"?

What kind of cost should you plan for? What if you don't have "celebrity money"? You won't need big money because most of our designs at

Tiki Events & Decor range from $19 to $99 per table & look very "expensive" but are actually very affordable. We have over 80 designs to choose

from, each design with "extras" that can be added to make your wedding decor look even more lush or elements left off to keep it less expensive.


7—Whom can you trust 100% to show up to decorate? And do it RIGHT?

Only a professional or a deeply trusted family member/friend would be trustworthy to do so. You & your family & friends will be slightly busy

getting ready for the wedding, so you need someone outside your "inner circle" to be able to do this for you, a professional whose job it is to

decorate for your wedding/event. It needs to be perfect, it’s your WEDDING! On this, you can't really count on amateurs to do this; you need a

professional. We at Tiki Events & Decor are professionals who will make sure your event is decorated beautifully in the style you choose! We at

Tiki Events-- our staff decorators-- do the decorating & make it look amazing... & worry free for you!


8—Who’s going to deliver & set up decorations for the wedding?

Our decorating staff at Tiki Events & Decor will deliver & set up the decorations on the day of your wedding. We will coordinate delivery & set up

times with the location/venue where your wedding is being held.


9— Afterwards, who’s going to pack up & remove/return all the decorations?

The same decorating staff at Tiki Events & Decor will be packing up & removing/returning all of the decorations from your wedding

reception venue. After all, you'll be busy leaving for your wedding night/honeymoon, & your family/friends will be exhausted/inebriated/gone

home, so you sure won't want them to have to do it, either! Let us take care of everything for you... that's what we do best.


10-- If I have questions about my decorations, is there someone I can call?

Of course! Simply call us at our office, 214-999-1009, we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your wedding or event.




(Note: packages in blue are great for beach destination weddings, too! See www.tikitrips.com/dwinfo for destination wedding info)


Bonus: All themes come with runner & votives/candles! (Unless otherwise stated). Styles including flowers are faux flowers, but

you can substitute real flowers for your centerpieces at an additional cost. Real flowers are expensive, so many of our designs

include faux flowers that you won't be able to tell if they're real or fake! You'll have the luxurious look you want but will save

yourself a BUNDLE of money... everyone loves that, right?!


01-- "Autumn Harvest" -- Reds, oranges, yellows, browns, leaves & faux fruits/pumpkins/gourds--harvest theme.

02-- "Beach Blanket" -- Beachy theme with sand, shells, starfish, cocktail umbrellas--"matte" finish--informal.

03-- "Black Tie Affair" -- Black, white & silver or gold, or both, with shimmer & sparkle--formal.

04-- "Black & White Night" -- Black & white only with clear glass/crystal accents--formal or informal.

05-- "Blue Hawaii" -- Turquoise blues, rich greens & yellows or whites with choice of shells/flowers/accents.

06-- "Bridal Beautiful" -- All whites & opalescents with options of gold/silver accents, lots of shimmer & sparkle.

07-- "Butterfly Bounty" -- Various colors of butterflies & flowers--specify bright colors or pastels, with nature elements/branches/stones, etc.

08-- "Caribbean Calypso" -- Multi-color tropical decor with mix of shells, flowers, colorful items--bit of shimmer/sparkle.

09-- "Carmen Miranda" -- Gathering of tropical fruits & flowers in colorful graduated centerpiece, just like the old movie star Carmen Miranda's

                                        famous fruity headdress she always wore! A fun & summery theme, with your choice of runner & votives. 

10-- "Champagne Wishes" -- Giant champagne glass filled with 'champagne' drink & floating candles, sitting on brown & champagne damask

                                             runner, surrounded by champagne & brown diamond crystals scattered around centerpiece, complete with

                                             champagne-glass-shaped votive candles. Glass can be uplit from inside for added dramatic effect! 

11-- "Christmas Candy" -- Christmas decorations in a candy theme-- red, white & green jumbo "candy" towering high in glass urns, surrounded

                                        by votives & set on your choice of runner. A whimsical touch to a Christmas-themed favorite!

12-- "Circus Show" -- Colors of red, yellow & purple--circus colors!-- with stripes & dots & animals & fun elements (think cotton candy!)

                                 with accompanying votives & runners in appropriate colors. A fun fest it will be!

13-- "Citrus Fresh" -- Tower cylinder or square vase filled with fruits of reds, yellows, oranges, & various greens--"matte" finish, with your

                                choice of votives & runner. A great, fresh element for summer weddings!

14-- "Classic Elegance" -- Silver, gold, white & clear/crystal, shimmer/sparkle optional--formal.

15-- "Cocktail Cool" -- Choice of jumbo cocktail glass shape with choice of drink color & LIT from the inside of the cocktail! Surrounded with

                                  "ice crystals" or cocktail umbrellas--depending on drink chosen--with slice of lemon/lime/orange on side of glass

                                   optional, set on your choice of runner, with either floating candles in the top of the cocktail--or-- LIT from the inside of the

                                   drink. A cool cocktail it is! 

16-- "Coral Reef" -- Tones of salmon/coral/red OR turquoise blue & cream/white in an ocean theme, set in a large opalescent coral-esque

                               platter, filled with candles, shells & starfish. Organza runner in either shimmer red, shimmer light blue, or shimmer white


17-- "Covered in Camouflage" -- Camouflage accents with outdoors/woodsy elements-- informal, "matte" finish.

18-- "Creme de la Creme" -- Ivories & off-white creamy shades with sparkle of gold or silver--formal.

19-- "Crystal Palace" -- Crystal candelabras or candlesticks with crystal votives--color choice for candlesticks & votives.

20-- "Cupcake Party" -- Cupcake-themed tower centerpieces with bright colors & sparkly sprinkles--faux or real! On your choice of runners

                                     & accompanied with votives. Bright colors recommended. Great for kids' parties!

21-- "Dahlia Darling" -- Giant glass bowl filled in the bottom with shimmer stones of pink & white, filled with water & floating hot pink dahlias,

                                    with a tall pillar candle in the center of the bowl (your choice of candle color), set on a hot pink organza swirl runner &

                                    surrounded with votives & scattered with pink & white diamond crystals or shimmer stones. A statement piece!

                                    Can be done in any color that dahlias exist or with other certain flowers & colors.

22-- "Daisy Dance" -- Gerbera daisies in bright colors or white/yellow daisies & greens in garden theme--informal.

23-- "Diamond Ring" -- Sparkling diamonds are everywhere with this theme... candlesticks are topped with diamond votive holders, small

                                    tabletop diamond votives surround the candlesticks, choice of runner (white organza shimmer or white satin

                                    recommended), with diamond clear crystals lavishly scattered around candlesticks & votives.

                                    Bonus touch (optional, extra cost): diamond ring napkin holders or placecards!

24-- "Diamonds & Roses" -- Glass urn vase or cylinder vase with white or blush-pink roses, overlaid with clear crystal chains & round diamond-

                                           cut hanging gems, set on a round or square beveled mirror & sprinkled underneath with "diamond" style clear

                                           crystals, swirled with pale pink opalescent organza runner & surrounded with votives.

25-- "Disco Fever" -- Mirror balls, stars, & sparkling everything in a 70's disco theme-- get ready to boogie down!

26-- "Earth, Water & Fire" -- Dramatic fluted or cylinder tower vase style with water in the color of your theme (hot pink, pale pink, deep red,

                                            emerald green, yellow, turquoise, purple, lime green, orange, brown, etc.). with vase lit from bottom-- drama! Vase

                                            topped off with branches or flowers or leaves coming out of the top of the arrangement, with optional strands or

                                            drops of real crystals in various colors hung from the branches or the floral arrangement. Magnificent!

27-- "Emerald Isle" -- Various greens & golds or silvers in an Ireland and/or St. Patty's theme-- can go fun & shamrock/"leprechauny"

                                  OR can be elegant & classic, incorporating emerald colors in crystals & other shimmery elements.

28-- "Fall Foliage" -- Flowers & leaves in the colors of deep reds, oranges, browns, russets, set into a small bouquet & accented with gold or

                                 bronze curly willow & set into a deep red glass vase, with your choice of runner--deep red organza swirl runner

                                 recommended-- & surrounded with shimmer stones & shimmer glass leaves at base of arrangement & votives.

29-- "Feather Fantasy" -- Eiffel tower style vase with explosion of feathers at top in your choice of color or colors-- vase can be lit from inside

                                       & set on your choice of runner & votives & diamond crystals surrounding arrangement. As dramatic as they come!

30-- "French Connection" -- Black or white candelabra draped with pearls or crystals, accented with red rose petals or red glass hearts,

                                           set on top of a black & white damask runner-- French-inspired theme & accents, great for fall or winter, or anytime!

31-- "Fuschia Formal" -- Fuschia/hot pink color accented with black and/or white with sparkle/diamond accents--choice of fuschia

                                      satin/pintuck, white satin/pintuck or black satin/pintuck runner & votives, complete with diamond crystals scattered

                                      around centerpiece.

32-- "Gems & Roses" -- Glass urn vase with red, orange & yellow roses, overlaid with elegant gold ball ropes & amber-colored diamond-cut

                                    round hanging gems, set on a round or square beveled mirror & sprinkled underneath with gold/amber/red diamond

                                    crystals, with your choice of runner & votives. Great for a fall wedding!

33-- "Golden Grandeur" -- Mercury gold candlesticks or crystal candlesticks or candelabras with gold candles-- all things gold/white/ivory,

                                         with your choice of runner in any style --ivory damask runner or gold satin or pintuck runner recommended--

                                         surrounded with gold & clear diamond crystals & votives. Accent color can be added-- red is recommended.

                                         Lots of shimmer & sparkle to this as the color gold is the "grandeur" part of it all!

34-- "Gothic Goddess" -- Black candelabra dripping with dark crystals, with choice of black/deep purple/red taper candles, accented with lace

                                      (in black, red or deep purple), runner (red/black damask recommended), votives in red or deep purple. Black tablecloth

                                      recommended for best effect. Deep red roses best used for flowers if they are desired.

35-- "Graceful Garden" -- Flowers in shades of white and/or pink or yellow & various shades of green on a garden-themed topiary,

                                       covered with green ivy, flowers, butterflies-- swirled at bottom with white organza swirl runner or

                                       opalescent white organza runner. Perfect for a garden wedding or daytime outdoor wedding!

36-- "Halloween Honeymoon" -- Black, white, orange, purple and/or lime green with Halloween-themed decorations-- can include certain

                                                 "character" elements such as skulls, ghosts, witches, spiders, etc. It can be fun-spooky or go towards the

                                                  scary, your choice!

37-- "Hearts o' Glass" -- Clear glass hearts bowls stacked to make a "tower", filled with floating candles in choice of red hearts, red roses,

                                     or any color available-- swirled with red organza swirl runner gathered around bottom, can be uplit from center with

                                     lights in same color as arrangement for a special glow!

38-- "Heavenly Halo" -- Silver, gold, white, light blue, with accents of angels, stars & heavenly theme, lots of shimmer/sparkle.

39-- "Hula Girl" -- Hula grass skirting around tables, coconut cup candles, pineapple centerpieces embellished with pearls & leis--"matte" finish.

40-- "Hurricane Haven" -- Large hurricane vase filled with choice of small white shells & either sand OR glass jewel-tone shimmer stones in

                                    turquoise, teal, green & opalescent-white, surrounding a large pillar candle in choice of color, set on runner of your

                                    choice (light shimmer blue organza recommended), surrounded by more shells & shimmer stones, votives with

                                    turquoise ribbon tie & filled with water/floating candle. A more formal version of "Ocean Voyage" or "Sea Lantern",

                                    can be paired nicely with either or both on alternating tables for more visual interest & variety. 

41-- "Island Inspiration" -- Tropical fruits & flowers in vibrant colors accented with tropical greenery & palm fronds-- "matte" finish.

42-- "Lone Star Lasso" -- Cowboy/Texas-themed decor, red bandannas, ropes/lassos, Lone Star flag colors--"matte" finish, informal.

43-- "Lovely Luau" -- Flower leis in various colors with shells/tropical items in a Hawaiian/tropical theme--informal.

44-- "Magnificent Moon" -- White or silver with many shades of blue in a moon & stars theme-- can be formal or informal.

45-- "Mango Tango" -- Reds, oranges, hot pinks & yellows--mango colors!-- with greenery in a tropical theme.

46-- "Mardi Gras Magic" -- Purples, greens & golds in Mardi Gras theme--lots of shimmer/sparkle & beads!

47-- "Margarita Madness" -- Large margarita glass centerpiece in choice of red or lime green "drink" filler, complete with umbrella-attached

                                          "bendy"straw & slice of lime-- sitting on woven Mexican-style mat & surrounded by mini pinatas & votive candles.

48-- "Martini Evening" -- Large martini glass filled with opalescent crinkle filler, filled with water & accented with cocktail stir stick, uplit from

                                      inside glass, set on a large round mirror with diamond crystals scattered beneath, choice of runner & surrounded with

                                      votives. Floating candles can be added to top of glass instead of being uplit from inside. A dramatic look for a

                                      dramatic evening!

49-- "Mexican Fiesta" -- Red, white & green--the colors of Mexico-- OR various colors with mini-pinatas, sombreros & Mexican party theme.

50-- "Mirror Box Bouquet" -- Bouquet of flowers--white roses & green hydrangeas works best--with accents of pearls & crystals & curly willow

                                            sticks set into a mirror box onto a runner of light green/white damask & surrounded with little mirror gift bow

                                            boxes, sprinkled with clear diamond crystals & surrounded with votives. 

51-- "Moulin Rouge" -- Rich reds, golds, pinks, browns & blacks with feathers, jewels, etc.--formal.

52-- "New Year Celebration" -- Gold, silver & black in a New Year/Celebration theme with shimmer/sparkle--formal.

53-- "Ocean Voyage" -- Giant clam shell filled with candles, shells, starfish, & turquoise/teal/white glass stones, set on top of

                                     organza pale blue shimmer runner, surrounded by votives filled with shells, water & floating candles... a stunner!

                                     Can be  

54-- "Orchid Odyssey" -- Cylinder tower vase with choice of faux orchids layered individually into vase or left on branch, vase filled with water

                                      & floating candles in top of vase-- with your choice of runner & accompanied by glass votives with small orchid in

                                      bottom of candle filled with water & topped with floating candle. Chic & modern, great for spring & summer weddings!

55-- "Pacific Pearls" -- Tall tower vase filled with white orchids & white pearls at bottom of vase, filled with water & topped with white floating

                                   candles, draped outside with strands of pearls on top of runner of your choice, accompanied by votives filled with pearls,

                                   water & white floating candle... it's elegant & exotic & bridal, all rolled into one! Great for summer weddings.

56-- "Palm Paradise" -- Natural earth-tone colors--beiges, greens--with palm fronds, shells & sand dollars--matte finish.

57-- "Parisian Splendour" -- Wrought-iron mini Eiffel tower centerpiece with your choice of black/red or hot pink/white or red/white damask

                                            runner, & base of tower surrounded with rose petals, roses & candles in glass votives. Ooo la la!

58-- "Peacock Perfection" -- Various jewel tones in vibrant blues & rich greens, accented with peacock feathers.

59-- "Pineapple Delight" -- Bright yellows & greens in a pineapple theme, goes nicely with pearls.

60-- "Pink Princess" -- Various shades of pinks, opalescents, whites with "royal" accents, diamonds & gems, & lots of shimmer & sparkle.

61-- "Pirate Treasure" -- Caribbean pirate/treasure chest theme with pirate captain hats, gold "doubloons", gems & jewels, nets, parrots

                                       beach & shells--informal.

62-- "Poinsettia Holiday" -- Choice of pink, white or classic red poinsettias in large glass bowl with pillar candle centerpiece & set on your

                                          choice of runner, accompanied by votives/floating candles. OR, can also add poinsettias to other themed designs

                                          here that require different flowers, or can add to base of candelabras & candlesticks. Classic holiday look without

                                          being over-the-top "Christmas-ey"! 

63-- "Purple Passion" -- Tall Eiffel tower vase filled with purple & clear white diamond crystals in various sizes, topped with bouquet of purple &

                                     white roses & flowers skirted with white bridal tulle & spear crystals underneath bouquet, swirled with purple or

                                     lavender or white organza runner or purple/white damask runner, surrounded with votives. Great for TCU folks & the

                                     color-purple lovers!

64-- "Red Romance" -- Red & white colors with a hearts theme, with shimmer & sparkle--perfect for Valentine's!

65-- "Royal Wedding" -- Colors of royal blue & white with your choice of gold or silver accents-- paired wonderfully with crystal candelabras or

                                      crystal candlesticks, complete with royal blue/white damask runner & votives included.

66-- "Roses Rising" -- Tower cylinder vase of roses in your choice of white, cream/ivory, yellow, pink, or red--vase is filled with water & has

                                 floating candles at top-- set on a round mirror & surrounded with diamond crystals in matching color(s) scattered

                                 around tower, complete with choice of runner & votives.

67-- "Safari Sunset" -- Browns, oranges, coppers, bronzes, russets, beiges, earth-tones with animal prints & elements.

68-- "Shabby Chic" -- White 5-candle candelabra with hanging crystals & striated candlesticks, accompanied with your choice of runners &

                                  mercury glass votives, surrounded with diamond crystals in your choice of colors. If accent colors are desired, one or two

                                  pastel or muted colors are best. Crushed velvet round fabric centerpieces can be added in your choice of color for an

                                  additional cost.

69-- "Silver Spectacular" -- Mercury silver candlesticks or crystal candlesticks or crystal or silver candelabras with silver candles-- all things

                                           silver/white/grey, with your choice of runner in any style --grey/white damask runner or silver satin or pintuck

                                           runner recommended-- surrounded with silver & clear diamond crystals & votives. Lots of shimmer & sparkle to

                                           this as the color silver is the spectacular part of it all!

70-- "Spanish Salsa" -- Rich reds, blacks, bronzes, deep oranges with dramatic Spanish wrought-iron candelabra accents surrounded with

                                    red and/or black lace accents, red roses recommended, includes your choice of runner, votives included-- ole!

71-- "School/Sports Team" -- Colors of your favorite school or sports team incorporated into centerpiece-- example: blue/silver stars/white for

                                             Dallas Cowboys; purple & white for TCU; green & gold/yellow for Baylor University; maroon & white for

                                             Texas A&M; red & blue for SMU; red & black for Texas Tech; orange & white for UT; black & gold for

                                             New Orleans Saints, etc. Can be done in a formal style utilizing team colors or in an informal "sports" style.

72-- "Sea Lantern" -- Metal & glass Tiffany blue & gold lantern with operable "door" & hanging ring at top, with bottom filled with shimmer stones

                                 (turquoise, teal, opalescent-white) & white shells, with mini-hurricane votive & floating candle or battery-operated candle,

                                 surrounded by more shimmer stones & shells, set on fisherman's netting or runner of your choice (light shimmer blue

                                 organza recommended), surrounded by starfish & orchids, votives with turquoise ribbon tie & filled with water/floating

                                 candle. Can be paired nicely with either "Ocean Voyage" or "Hurricane Haven", or both on alternating tables for more

                                 visual interest & variety. 

73-- "Stars & Stripes" -- Patriotic American decor with red, white, blue-- 4th of July theme--can be done informal or formal.

74-- "Starfish & Shells" -- Pinks, corals, opalescents, whites, with shells, starfish, shimmer/sparkle.

75-- "Sunshine Simplicity" -- Sun-themed decor with various shades of yellows with white, greens can be included.

76-- "Suspended in Time" -- Large tower vase filled with a "special substance" that allows everything in the vase to float in "mid air", "frozen"

                                            in place... orchids, gems, roses, pearls, whatever your heart desires in whatever colors... it's a showstopper!

77-- "Tiki Terrific" --Tiki statues/centerpieces surrounded by leis, tropical fruits/flowers, shells, set on round coconut mat-- South Pacific theme.

78-- "Traditional Christmas"-- Traditional decor with garland greenery, ornament balls & ribbons/bows surrounding metallic red & gold votives.

79-- "Tropical Topiary" -- Orange, red, hot pink tropical flowers & fruits theme with tropical vines covering a topiary--matte or sparkle finish.

80-- "Tuscan Sun" -- Rich reds, golds, bronzes, coppers & browns in a Tuscan-colors-inspired theme.

81-- "Vintage Eclectic" -- Vintage elegance incorporating fashion elements of the 40's, 50's or 60's, in colors desired-- a unique option!

82-- "Wedding Tree" -- White wedding tree with built-in branch lights, approx 2.5-3 ft tall, draped in opalescent crystal garlands, swirled with

                                    plain white or white swirl organza runner & accompanied by white organza bowed votives.

83-- "White Blush" -- White curly willow branches with opalescent glitter & accented with pink flower crystals on some branches, set in large

                                 glass trumpet vase with silver base, with opalescent crinkle filler, can be lit from inside-- set on silver square natural

                                 matting or choice of runner with silver votives, pink & clear diamond crystals around base. Lots of shimmer/sparkle!

84-- "Wine & Roses" -- Burgundys, scarlet reds, golds & purples with a wine/grapes & roses theme.

85-- "Winter Wonderland" -- Whites, light blues & opalescents in a snowflake/winter weather theme--lots of shimmer/sparkle.

86-- "Woodland Forest" -- Thick "slice" of tree trunk centerpiece topped with birch or natural style candles, faux-moss-covered rocks,

                                         choice of dried wildflowers & other woodsy accents, surrounded with votives in same theme. Casual but elegant! 

87-- "World Traveler" -- Travel theme of places around the world with globes, old suitcases, vintage travel photos.

88-- "Zebra Fashionista" -- Zebra runner or tablecloth with candles, feathers, pearls, crystals, flowers (roses recommended),

                               accented with colors of hot pink or red. A wild & unconventional choice, but a fantastic one!


(Note: packages in blue are great for beach destination weddings, too! See www.tikitrips.com/dwinfo for destination wedding info)


Note: Shimmer/sparkle accents can be added or left out (described as "matte" finish) if desired; please specify when ordering.

Some packages listed as "formal" or with "shimmer/sparkle" accents are not recommended as "matte" finish or are not possible

without shimmer/sparkle. Please ask your Tiki Events decorator for more details.


We are frequently adding new themes, combinations & exciting items to our list of decor packages...

be sure to check back often for new designs & offerings!





1-- How should I go about choosing decor for my wedding/event?

The easiest way to choose a decorator package color scheme/theme is to consider the colors you are using in your wedding, such as the

colors from the bridesmaids' dresses & bouquet colors/types you've chosen... that color scheme is usually carried throughout the event.

(You are welcome to drop off swatches of your colors or invitation example to our office so that we can match your colors as closely as

possible). The next thing to consider is your location/venue... if your wedding is in the evening in an elegant country club or hotel ballroom, then

you would go with a more formal, dramatic decor; if your wedding is during the day or in a more casual setting, in a garden location or beachy,

tropical location, then you would stay away from the choices listed as "formal" & stick to the colors/themes that would be appropriate for your

location. Also, the season/time of year you have your wedding is a consideration as well. If you still are having a hard time choosing or can't

decide between two color schemes/themes, call us & we can help you narrow down what you'll need, blend choices & colors & elements if

necessary. We customize decor for every wedding/event & create something special that's perfect just for you. No worries!


2-- How do I get started choosing & booking my wedding/event decor? What is a "SHOWROOM SESSION"?

You can call us for a FREE consultation on your wedding decor anytime. If you have seen a certain design at one of our bridal show

booths/displays or listed here on our website & know exactly what you want, that makes it super easy to get things started. However, if you

aren't sure what you are wanting but know your wedding colors, then we can discuss some ideas during our free consultation.


Another suggestion: book a "SHOWROOM SESSION"! This is a session where you can come to our office, enjoy a

glass of wine or beer or cold drink, & meet with your decorator in our actual showroom & "decorating lab" to get more ideas from our different

designs, & to see exactly what is available. By booking a showroom session, you get to "PLAY" with our decorating stuff! You can mix-&-match

different elements right there from our various items & materials to create a look that is unique for your wedding/event. Many brides FLIP over

this option, as it allows you hands-on, personal & immediate satisfaction by experimenting with our inventory while working with your decorator

to create a special & unique decor just for your wedding/event! (Where else can you do that?!)


Cost of a showroom session is $95 per hour (cash only, payable at start of session)... this is applicable to your wedding/event decor

package should you choose to book your decor with us, so it essentially costs you nothing for our showroom session service!


3-- When do you suggest I book my wedding/event decor?

The earlier you book (make a reservation with deposit), the better choices you will have for your wedding/event's decor & better

chance that your date will be available for Tiki Events & Decor to decorate. (There isn't an unlimited supply of materials in our portfolio

stock or staff to decorate, after all!). We can certainly discuss your wedding colors & themes at any time throughout the event decor planning

process, but in order to have the amount of decorations you will need, we do not place wedding decoration orders before 60 days prior to your

departure. Why? Because many things can change, including head count numbers, decorating ideas, many things.


4-- Can I substitute colors or combinations from the color schemes/themes list?

Yes, of course. We want you to have the colors & theme you wish for your destination wedding, so yes, of course you can mix & match or

substitute one color for another from the above list; if you don't see exactly what you are looking for, we can also help customize what you need

based on your wedding colors & theme. We need at least 45 days notice to be able to make substitutions, as we must order the proper

materials to make your color scheme/theme happen & cannot guarantee some things based on time it takes to get materials in from our



We do our absolute best to match the wedding colors & theme you have chosen to the decor package you choose, but we cannot absolutely

guarantee an exact match to your wedding colors on some items, as there are many hues & shades of each color. We will get it as close to a

match as possible. However, for all decor packages regardless of theme, color or style, we reserve the right to substitute items & limit items

based on availability, color, cost, volume, size, weight of materials, and/or discontinuation by manufacturer. We will notify you if a substitution

or change needs to be made due to lack of availability & give you the opportunity to choose an alternative.


5-- What are the costs of the decor packages? Extras?

Cost of decor packages & decorating extras all depends on the package & what extras you include. Regular pricing for each package generally

runs anywhere from $19-$99 per table (when set up ballroom style with usually 8-10 persons per round table), maybe more or less per table,

depending on how lavish or basic you go with your chosen package. Extras that can be added: pathway lanterns, hanging lanterns, torches,

church pew-end decor, entrance/doorway decor, trees & lighted branches, statuary (including Tiki statues), floor candelabras, special lighting,

greeting table decor, cake table decor, live plants, etc. can be added on a per-item basis.


We are a decorating service, so we can offer tablecloth overlays & runners for your tables. However, we do not offer tables, chairs, tablecloths,

chair covers, napkins, professional wall uplighting or other lighting for events, only items of a decorative nature (We have partners at other

companies we can refer you to for these items & services).


6-- What is the deposit required to book? When is final payment due? 


      Deposit to book/final payment is in three parts:


         1-- A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to block your date with Tiki Events & Decor-- this is of the utmost importance

              to get your date blocked, as we won't be able to decorate your wedding if we are already booked with someone else's

              wedding/event! Once your date is reserved, then we have time to start creating your unique look for your wedding.

         2-- Once you have chosen your decor package & extras at a later date, additional deposit is required to bring your total

              deposit to 50% of the total amount of your wedding/event decor (in order to have your decorations ordered/created).

         3-- Deadline for final payment/balance of your wedding/event decor is due 30 days prior to your wedding/event.

              Payments not made by this final deadline will incur cancellation of your wedding/event decor with no refunds given.

              (For certain decor items, earlier final payment may be required due to advance ordering requirements). 


7-- Who does the delivery of decorations for my wedding/event? Who does the actual decoration?

Our professional staff will be delivering/setting up your beautiful wedding/event decorations. After your event, our professional staff will be

retrieving/breaking down/packing up your wedding/event decorations. We only staff reliable, professional persons with experience to do such

an important job as your wedding decor, THE event of your lifetime!


8-- Is there a delivery fee & pick-up fee for my wedding/event decorations?

Tiki Events & Decor charges a flat $150 fee for the general Dallas & surrounding counties area for delivery/set up AND breakdown/retrieval of

your decorations for every $1000.00 worth of decorations ordered & less. If your decor total is over $1000, then the delivery is FREE & fee is

waived. If you live outside the Dallas area (defined as the counties of Dallas, Collin, Denton, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ennis, Tarrant, Johnson) then

additional delivery fees will be required, $100 per county farther than these listed, regardless of amount ordered.


9-- Do you provide clean-up after my wedding/event?

No, we do not provide clean-up of items not related to our wedding decor provided. Collection of trash, food, drinks, utensils, confetti, balloons,

wedding rice/similarly thrown items, party refuse, or washing of anything after your wedding/event is NOT included with your decor package.

Only the actual decorations & delivery/set up/breakdown/pack up of our provided decorating items is included. If you require clean-up

after your event, please check with your location's manager or catering manager for this service.


10-- What if some of the decorations/items get damaged, destroyed or stolen at my wedding/event?

Tiki Events & Decor provides the decorating materials for your event for less than the cost of buying them--in other words, you are leasing them--

with the expectation that these materials & items will be intact at the end of your event & therefore usable for a future event (minus one-time use

items such as real-flame candles, etc). If any materials or items owned by Tiki Events & Decor are damaged, destroyed or missing/stolen from

your wedding/event, Tiki Events & Decor will send you a bill for the damages, to be paid within 30 days of receipt, regardless of who is

responsible. This is extremely rare & shouldn't be too concerning for an elegant event such as a wedding in a nice, private location, but it is our

policy to be compensated by the person/persons on our contract for any losses as a result of their wedding/event. Event insurance & property

insurance are both available if you need coverage & are highly recommended.


11-- May I refer friends, family & co-workers to you for their weddings/events?

Yes, of course! If you've booked your wedding/event with us & refer a friend to us, you get $50 in your pocket! That's FREE MONEY

to you!! All you need to do is notify us when you are referring someone to us, as we don't know you are referring someone if you don't tell us!



Have your wedding/event decorated for less hassle & cost than doing it yourself!

Contact your Tiki Events & Decor specialist today~


2821 McKinney Avenue, Suite 5
(in the heart of Uptown!)
Dallas, TX 75204
1-877-999-1009--toll free across the U.S.A.


We so appreciate your referrals… they are the greatest compliment you can pay us!

Please let us know when you are sending folks our way J



All decor styles are subject to availability & market price/supply. Prices can change at any time, & price is not 100% guaranteed until paid in full. Substitutions are made when

necessary; bride/groom/event host is notified when there is a need for a substitution or change & given the opportunity to choose an alternative when available. We do our

absolute best to match the wedding/event colors & theme chosen to the decor package, but we cannot absolutely guarantee an exact match to the wedding/event colors on some

items, as there are many hues & shades of each color. We will get it as close to a match as possible. However, for all decor packages regardless of theme, color or style, we

reserve the right to substitute items & limit items based on availability, color, cost, volume, size, weight of materials, and/or discontinuation by manufacturer.